We invite you to get to know the alumnae and alumni of Bucerius Law School and our association. Whether based in Hamburg or scattered across state and national borders, we still meet regularly for personal and professional exchange and can often still be found on campus.


After graduation, we look back on our time at university with pleasure and remain very attached to our alma mater. Therefore, we stand by the university and its students with advice and support. We are represented in all university committees and would like to leave our mark on this unique, reform-minded and excellent university, even after graduation.


We want to infect you with our enthusiasm! We would like to encourage all those who are interested in studying law to take a look at Bucerius Law School. It offers a wide range of programs from its flagship LLB program over its renowned MLB/LLM degree to its International Exchange Program and various summer schools. Bucerius programs have a reputation of high academic standards and academic rigour and attract outstanding law students from all over the globe. If you have any questions about your decision, we are also happy to assist you.


For us and the law school, our main focus is to inspire fascination for law and society and to offer the best possible legal education. In doing so, we firmly believe that studying at Bucerius Law School should not be a question of money. To support the law school in its pursuit of outstanding students, we offer an application scholarship and have established the Financial Aid Fund to help students with financial difficulties. Of course, we welcome donations – for our other projects as well – at any time.

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