to the Bucerius Alumni Association. We maintain a highly vibrant community of Alumnae and Alumni and foster to stay in touch with fellow graduates through a wide variety of professional and social events. 


We are a charitable organisation and membership is open to all graduates of Bucerius Law School degree programs and participants of the International Exchange Program. We enhance a mutually beneficial relationship between Bucerius Law School and its graduates. The Bucerius Alumni Association is represented on all major university boards and committees and offers advice and experience.


We would like to share our passion for law and our Law School! We recommend to everyone interested in law to a take a closer look at Bucerius Law School. Bucerius Law School offers a wide range of programs from its flagship LLB program over its renowned MLB/LLM degree to its International Exchange Program and various summer schools. Bucerius programs have a reputation of high academic standards and academic rigour and attract outstanding law students from all over the globe. 


Kind regards

Magdalena Göbel