Financial Aid Fund

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our university, the Bucerius Alumni Association established a Financial Aid Fund in 2020. This supports students in overcoming financial bottlenecks. To do this, the fund awards grants and interest-free loans for necessary study-related expenses. The decision about a grant is made by a three-member selection committee, which consists of two representatives of the Alumni Association and one university representative (see below). Please note that the non-profit law does not allow us to sponsor alumni association members.


If you would like to apply for funding, you can do so right here. The committee member you select will contact you as soon as possible.


Selection Committee

Alisa Priess


Alisa studied at Bucerius Law School from 2010 on and worked at Professor Kämmerer's chair after her first exam, teaching student groups at all their educational stages and coaching the BLS team at the Jessup Moot Court. After her legal traineeship in Hamburg, she now works as a lawyer in public commercial law and data protection law in Berlin.

Jan Mysegades


Jan studied at Bucerius Law School from  2008 on and subsequently completed his legal traineeship in Hamburg. In recent years, he has been researching digitalisation with Professor Martini in Speyer. He now works as a judge in Hamburg and is currently a criminal judge at the Hamburg District Court. He is also chairman of a pre-selection committee of the Protestant Academic Foundation.

Thies Hauck


Thies studied political science and economics in Berlin and abroad. He works in university management, where he is responsible for university development and is also the managing director of the Initiative on Energy Law and Policy and head of the Green Office. He is also responsible for the selection of the university's scholarships.